Cut benefits dont create job

Its intresting that we have the same discussion in Sweden about benefits as in U.K
The bennefits cuts that are meant to get the jobless back to work are driving down the living standards of hundreds of thousands of people who are in no position to find a job, an assessment of the Coalition’s welfare reforms says today. Only one in eight households facing cuts will be able to find work.

Researchers, who have used data to forecast what will happen to the 1.18 million households in United Kingdom where no one works. Most of them will simply see their incomes drop, according to an independent study carried out for the Local Government Association by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion.

The effects will be felt all over U.K and people dont get a job even if thay are poorer

I think that people need to go to adult school so they have more opportinuties to get a job. Its the same problem in Sweden



Postat av: Henrik

Tycker du klarar dig bra, även om jag inte håller med dig Men jag antar att det är intressant att ta del av Engelsk/Brittisk politik, den kanske är närmare vår än vad jag trott. Keep up the good work!

2013-08-22 @ 13:59:29
Postat av: Evert Svensson

I agree that are not create no jobs at all but made poor people instead!!!

2013-08-22 @ 14:00:17

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