1. Making Invisible

Making women invisible

This wordless method of dominance is used when people (for "people" read men) do not listen to what you have to say, when they start looking trough their papers, talking to one another, or excuse themselves and visit the lavatory. We women often raise issues which are different from those raised by men because we live under different conditions. Men fail to recognise women's description of the situation and choose not to listen or get involved. There are innumerable examples of women who have had to listen to the question "Are you sitting here all on your own, girls?

Being made invisible is a devastating method of dominance. A person who is not seen or listened to feels diminished and unimportant and may well choose not to continue their involvement in working for change.

Act as follows:

  • Make it clear that you are aware of the method being used and that you refuse to accept it.
  • Demand attention and demand that all others listen! One good way of doing this is to pause till all the shuffling of papers and murmuring has stopped.
  • If they do not understand you, use the same technique on a man the next time round. Be very clear about what you are doing in order to make your point with the others.
  • Train your voice. A distinct and clear voice is not easily ignored.

från s-kvinnors makthandbok

Postat av: Mikael

Detta är något som ALLA nykomlingar i ALLA sociala sammanhang (möten, kafferaster, mingel, firmafester m.m.) upplever Monica. Inget konstigt i det.

2008-08-20 @ 05:33:28
URL: http://www.gryningsrad.se
Postat av: arthur

Varför är denna partiinterna skrift på engelska?

2008-08-21 @ 21:18:02
Postat av: Karin

Hurdu Arthur, svaret på din fråga är att S-kvinnor gärna delar med sig om tips och ideér och stöttar andra kvinnor

2008-08-21 @ 22:22:24

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