2. Ridiculing

Making Women ridiculous/Belittling women

This particular technique is well known because of its refinement in being funny at the expense of women. The whole point of the exercise is to denigrate women and the efforts of women. This particular method of dominance contains a wide range of demeaning statements about amusing little blondes and hysterical old wives. Further examples are unnecessary.

Act as follows:

  • Make it very clear that you refuse to accept such treatment.
  • Answer in the same way. Never laugh along with the macho jokes. Especially not when the jokes is at the expense of another woman. Be responsible for one another.
  • Stare whit a look of sheer amazement in your eyes at the perpetuator of the demeaning joke. Do everything to create an embarrassing silence. Turn to another woman and ask pointedly "What on earth is he trying to say?"


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