3. Withholding information

Withholding information

By withholding information, people can be very effectively kept in the dark. This happens to women quit often. I the sauna room or changing rooms the boys make deals, consciously or unconsciously. What happens at the following meeting - when the women are present - is that decisions are quickly ratified. The women aren't given a chance to discuss what the boys have already decided on in a smaller group. The boys never can understand why the women must always nag and lengthen the meetings, why the women just can not manage to be that little bit more "decision-potent".

Act as follows:

  • Demand extensive background information to the decision-making.
  • Demand that important issues that require more preparatory study be postponed till the next meeting.
  • Ensure that you get the information you need by other means, such as your own contact net.
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