Use more women in the economic agenda and we have a better world!

Right now OSCE discuss the economic crisis, it all started whit a lot of banks extra vaganza and a lot of men who could not take care of other peoples money. Nowadays it is also a political crisis and we need to listen to the real expert.


We have all of us herd the term “if Leemanbrothers instead have been Leeman sister the bank crisis would not have happened” With that I mean that women take better care of other peoples money because they are used to be more economic with less money than men.


As of today, half of the world’s population still are underrepresented in powerful positions in almost all sectors of life.

We have to ensure that women take their legitimate places in parliaments, that they are on the front-line of justice and that they are represented in the judiciary. That would help women to access their rights. And as our societies get more equal, they prosper!

 Studies have shown that women reinvest up to 90 % of their income in the welfare of their families and communities. Sadly, the number when it comes to men is less than 40 %.  Women invest their money in healthcare and education for their children, thereby generating even a decrease in poverty and alienation. With this in mind, it is crucial that we parliamentarians do everything in our power to increase women’s influence in their societies and to strengthen them as political and economic actors.

It is a fact, that when women lack a voice in politics, powerful advocates for children remain unheard.

Redistribute power and give access to the international agendas to all human beings in society! Remember to include women and give them a fair chance to be part of the decision-making tables. Let us see women on the boards of the The Bretton Woods institutions - the IMF and the World Bank. Let us see a first woman UN Secretary-General.



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