Civil society

The civil society and the possibilty to get organised in various associatiens and groups is a coultron for the Swedish Sociaty to fouction well.
To get together and work for a common idea, to educate, learn more and grow though common intress is a great way for a society as hole. 
Sweden and Germanys have similar experiences when It comes to educating. We could be prowd of Willy Brant and Olof Palme, who wanted to raise the educating level for everyone not only those who comes from priviligieged background. They did that though studycercels, peopels university and generositet support to higher educating.

NGO sector in Sweden is substantial and most Swedes are members of compounds and associations. For example; we have a lot of free different political, parties 8 of them take place in the Parliament. But we allso have a lot of others NGOs for example Young Eagles, Red Cross, Save the Children, United Nations Associations, UN Women, Pet Clubs, Sports clubs, The Scouts, Churches, local history societies and Trade Unions. Just to mention a few. 

All these associations are free and independent of the State that have no right to interfere with their right to freedom of expression. The associations gives the citizens a great and necessary knowledge of belonging and of taking an active role in shaping their own lives and our society.
I may not agree with a certain view but will always defend the right to express it.

It is a challenge facing all parliamentarians to further evolve and protect the relationships with the public and then I mean all parts of society; women and men, young and old, minorities and marginalized groups, for example LGBT people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender).

Internet, social media, and mobile phone technology have played, and should continue to play, a crucial role as instruments for participation, transparency and engagement in socio-economic, cultural and political development of our communities. 

Twitter, blog, Facebook, instagram also gives a boost for freedom of expression. Never before have we been able to communicate in such a direct and vital way. 

Democracy, human rights and freedom is the access to the free flow of information. Such access challenges oppression and reflects our desire to exchange knowledge, ideas and opinions. Here the civil society and NGOs are at the core.   

 To day we met the civil Sociaty from different part in Vietnam 


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