Calling for gender equality

Women parliamentarians from across the world are calling upon all MPs to use their individual and collective power to make gender equality a reality for all women and girls.

In particular, the IPU meeting on 28th March in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, will stress the critical importance of men and women working together for world without discrimination.

“IPU’s Meeting of Women Parliamentarians’ shared vision and solidarity over 30 years has reformed a global organization and empowered women in international political decision-making. We urge men MPs to be part of that vision too,” he added.

The IPU women MPs meeting, a pioneer initiative, has since been a trailblazer in leading political change. It is a unique and valuable platform for women MPs from all regions in the world to provide formal input into all IPU’s political decisions. Through this involvement, women MPs have been empowered to take on leadership roles at international and national level.

The Meeting has also helped shaped IPU’s political agenda and programme of work on issues such as violence against women, in addition to instigating innovative reform within IPU itself. The Organization was the first global entity to set quotas for women’s participation in all its structures and events, with penalties on voting rights for Members in cases of non-compliance.

The Meeting of Women Parliamentarians has shown what collective persistence and action can achieve. But there can be no let-up in efforts to achieve gender equality if we are to eradicate poverty, disease, conflict and create a world full of promise for everyone,


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