Visit in Lebanon

Members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee to Promote Respect for International Humanitarian Law are on a mission to Lebanon to assess the Syrian refugee crisis.  

We start our visit at UNHCR Lebanon, They gave us briefing from UNHCR Representative in Lebanon, Ms Mireille Girard and her team took good care of us.

Then we visit the reception center and child-friendly space, accompanied by Ms. Emily Bojovic, Protection Officer. We met a family from Syria, we listen to a sad history abut money, food, school and homesickness.
After that we where traveling to PHC and looked at the health services provided for refugees
Travel. We where meeting a lot of women from Syria that need health care.
Next on the program was Mazboud Community Centre, and a tour of the centre and a briefing by the director and Focus group discussion with refugee women. They have lot to say to us.
Then we took the bus up in the hill to a settlement; briefing from Ms. Emily Bojovic talk to one of the very big family how living in a informal settlement.


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